Why use essential oils and aromatherapy to combat stress?
There is a whole range of essential oils against stress. How to find your way through all these choices? It is necessary to take several factors into consideration. In particular: the smell, the mode of application that suits you best, and the symptoms you wish to fight! Example: relaxation, nightmares, anger, stress, sadness, melancholy…
Modes of Application
An essential oil always has a preferred application mode. When you choose your essential oil, we invite you to keep this specificity in mind in order to know if you will be able to easily introduce it into your daily life, your habits, your lifestyle, and your needs, so that you can draw your essential oil at the most opportune moment.
The diffusion
Whether ultrasonic (using water) or dry, diffusion allows the volatile fragrances of essential oil to spread to our olfactory neuroreceptors. The magic of this process lies in the direct link between these neuroreceptors and our limbic brain where emotions and emotional memory are housed. In other words, the information from essential oil does not pass through our boiling mind and all its biases. It speaks directly to our unconscious mind. An ideal solution to work on an emotional reaction that seems irrational or simply to generate a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, to promote communication.
The olfaction
Olfaction, like diffusion, makes it possible to touch the limbic brain, but this time with even more acuity since the breaths linked to this method are more consciously and profoundly olfaction methods. This method will be used to rebalance the psycho-affective domain.
Topical Massage
Did you know that touching the skin can unblock emotions, enter into the intimacy of the individual? If, in addition, you add specifically selected essential oil in the massage oil, you will intensify the effect. Give this a try and let us know your thoughts!

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