Essential Oils and Dogs: Words of Advice

The use of medicinal plants and aromatic oils dates back to the beginnings of human civilization. Clearly, we humans have an affinity towards certain plants and their scents. And with reason! They smell amazing (most, but not all: have you ever smelled Valerian? Ouff!) They can lift our moodThey can calm us downThey can help us sleepThey can prevent and ...

Essential Oils: A Quick Overview

First, we must start at the beginning. History of Essential Oils “Nature is the best medicine” may sound like an old cliché but in today’s world it’s more relevant than ever. Essential oils are some of the oldest natural healing substances known to mankind. In fact, their use is steeped in rich tradition over millennia and they are credited for treating disease and halting the spread ...

Aromanoctis Relaxing Sleep Spray

We live in a world that evolves every second. There’s so much happening around us that it generally takes a toll on our health. In situations like these, there is only one thing that comes to your rescue; sleep. Sound sleep is a God-sent gift for us humans to recharge ourselves to get prepared to face the next day. But, many ...

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