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The first scientific aromatherapy line for Canadians of all walks of life. Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist turned aromatherapy expert, has created a line of cosmetics especially for you.

“PRANAROM is for people who want to fight common symptoms with tested and natural approaches.”

Understanding The Natural Powers of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Understanding the Natural Powers of Ravintsara Essential Oil

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I am a massage therapist and naturotherapist, pranarom is synonymous with quality for me, I have trusted this brand since the beginning. the synergies are perfect whether for diffusion or for use in massage and allow me to personalize my services. pranarom is the brand!

Pranarom Customer | Annie B.

I find Pranarom to be highly effective for therapeutic uses in my clinical practice! The #1 in my opinion…

Pranarom Customer | Laurence S.

Been with you many years and trust Pranarom as a trusted brand with an irreproachable dedication to quality.

Pranarom Customer | Christine G.

My daughter gave me some oils last year as a gift. Since then, I have been using Pranarom exclusively. I love them because they are of certified for quality and we’re told the components which is rare!

Pranarom Customer | JoAnne L.

For me, Pranarom is of a superior quality when it comes to essential oils! There are several brands, but it’s the best I’ve tried!

Pranarom Customer | Ann-Marie P.

I bought some skin lotion from here not too long ago and I can definitely say worth every penny!! Great quality and smells amazing. Plus my skin is sensitive and I can’t always find the best creams, but the Biofloral balms are lovely!

Pranarom Customer | Aalya H.

I’ve been working with these oils for 16 years. Very good quality! This store delivers on it’s promise each and every time!

Pranarom Customer | Marie V.

I’ve have been using Pranarom products for 1 year now and I’m totally satisfied. Good value for the money. My next purchases will be the ZEN synergy, the complex for varicose veins!

Pranarom Customer | Chantal L.

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