Ways to Relax and Unwind from the comfort of your Home

Every day we try to make a living in order to be able to provide our needs and wants. Part of that demands being stressed out by traffic and demands from work… and sometimes every once in a while that just makes you want to go on a vacation. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to find the time or the budget to do so. One creative way we can do is to have a staycation even if it’s just for the weekend. It’s a great way to foster a similar mood without the big burden of going too far or spending too much just to feel “relaxed”.

So here are some ways to plan your Staycation at home:


This is one thing that’s hard for some people to do considering we are so used to being connected on social media… but a day or two won’t hurt if we disconnected from our social media and kept our phones for emergencies only. But apart from our staycation is relaxing and one way to do that is to have a complete social media detox. This may help us to relax our mind and focus more on other parts of life. One of the benefits of a social media detox is it lessens your anxiety, you’ll gain more free time, you’ll appreciate life more. In other words, unplugging every once in a while can be a good routine for you if you face a stress-prone career.

Re-decorate your Bedroom
Sometimes we love the feeling of being in a hotel because it makes us feel like we’re on vacation. One thing you can do is organize and re-decorate your whole room feel like more of a hotel. It takes us away from the reality that we are just at home. To do that, why not add a little bit of oil essential similar to the ones that hotels use. Hotels often offer aromatherapy so that guests will keep on coming back to their hotel. It’s definitely not the big TV or the soft towels that keep everyone coming back… it’s the sense of relaxation and escape that does.

Synergies that you can use include green tea and lemongrass, Green Bamboo, fresh cotton, and fresh rain. Those are just a few of the fragrances that hotels use… but feel free to change up the oils to make your day more relaxing during your staycation.

Have your very own Spa Day.
Another way for you to spend your staycation is to have your own Spa at home. You can start things off by setting up the mood of your entire room first.  First, set up your favorite scented candles to set the mood; but in case you are not a fan of scented candles, you can also use essential oils that help our body relax and calm down. Synergies I recommend for this are Ylang-ylang, cedarwood, grapefruit, and tea tree.

After you set everything up, you can then now have your restorative bath. In your bathtub, you can fill it up with water with just the right temperature that gets you feeling cozy. Next, to help it more to be relaxing then you can add your favorite bath salts and oil essentials like jojoba and almond oil which can help your skin to have that soft like-baby composure. You will exit your at-home spa session feeling amazing.

Binge-watch your favorite shows
we all have that show we are trying to save for a rainy day that we promise to watch. one way you can unwind is to watch that tv show or movie you’ve been longing to watch. you can fluff all your pillows and grab your favorite snack and just start watching. then you can have a good nights rest after all the activity you’ve done.

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