The Art of Choosing Your Aromatherapy Diffuser

How to choose your aromatherapy diffuser

Below you will find answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about choosing an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser.

What are the characteristics of a great ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser ?


Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusion is based on the aerial suspension of a mass of water and essential oils when they resonate with a train of very high frequency ultrasonic waves (16 to 20 megahertz). Ultrasonic diffusion is a cold diffusion mode, so as not to damage the original fragrance, but also the energy value of the essential oils suspended in the air. Pranarom aromatherapy aromatherapy diffusers offer 3 core functionalities for end users:

  • the device generates a large flow of negatively charged oxygen atoms, which promotes the skin’s breathing process and increases the oxygen concentration in the blood.
  • regular use of our ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers can put in air suspension the equivalent of half a litre of water per day, thus increasing the hygrometry of our living spaces, which are often “dried out” by our heating or air conditioning systems.
  • Pranarom ultrasonic diffusers are remarkable diffusers of essential oils, whose olfactory power and diffusion ranges can easily be controlled, but also to choose the aromatic atmospheres according to our needs (relaxation, stimulation, reflection, need for exoticism, change of scenery, etc.).


Are the waves produced by an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser dangerous to health?


An ultrasound is actually a very high frequency sound wave (in this case, 16 to 20 megahertz), which is therefore inaudible. This is very similar to ultrasound emitted by bats or cetaceans for orientation or location in space. They are therefore waves, but they have nothing to do with electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones (for example) or microwaves used to heat or cook food. Ultrasonic waves are therefore absolutely free of any health hazards.

My ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser does not produce (practically) any fog!


Several elements can lead to low or zero fog production:

  • Use of distilled water; as a reminder, running water or spring water is the best water to fill your diffuser
  • Too much filling of the small tank
  • Filling of the small tank too low
  • Switching off the unit, due to lack of water or after the end of the broadcast program


There is still water in my diffuser, but it no longer works!


That’s normal. Below a lower threshold, ultrasound cannot propagate properly to the water volume. Therefore, the device automatically controls the water level and stops ultrasound production as soon as the minimum level is reached. It is therefore simply necessary to reintroduce a little water, a few drops of essential oils, and the diffusion will resume without problem.

How to clean my diffuser?


Consider your ultrasonic diffuser as a coffee percolator: try to do a monthly maintenance. To do this, use pharmaceutical alcohol, heat it slightly in a pan (40-50°C, a temperature at which you can still plunge your finger without having to remove it immediately!), and place it in the water tank.

Do not turn on the machine, but allow it to macerate for about ten minutes; remove the alcohol and clean with a cotton swab dipped in the same pharmaceutical alcohol. Do not insist on cleaning the membrane, which cleans itself by vibrating. Rinse with warm water, and wipe briefly, without going to the bottom of the tank.


Cleaning of a descaled aromatherapy diffuser


Instead of alcohol, use a product for cleaning percolators (usually citric acid-based) or even vinegar. Heat these slightly acidic liquids to 40-50°C and pour them into the tank; Do not start the appliance, but allow to macerate for 10 to 15 minutes; remove the liquid and carry out a conventional cleaning.


How much essential oil can I use in my diffuser?


  • For a diffuser recommended for a 30 m² space: from 5 (light perfume) to 20 drops for a bowl filled with water
  • For a diffuser recommended for a space of 40 to 100 m²: 10 to 50 drops per bowl filled with water


Can i diffuse any essential oil with my ultrasonic diffuser?


No, of course not! Banish phenol essential oils (thyme, savory, cloves, etc.), as well as those containing aromatic aldehydes (cinnamon, cumin, etc.); in addition, essential oils rich in terpenic ketones have practically no interest in atmospheric diffusion “cold”. However, if in doubt, always check with your pharmacist or retailer, or consult a reference book on essential oils.


Is it possible to pour a liquid other than water into the bowl of my aromatherapy diffuser?


No, please ONLY put running water or spring water in your aromatherapy diffuser! So there is no question of pouring in vegetable oil, alcohol, perfume, or even pure essential oils! Aromatherapy diffusers are really meant for diffusion synergy blends.


What useful surface can i cover with an ultrasonic diffuser?


It is considered that a room of 30 m² on the ground can easily be saturated by the aromatic fragrances of an ultrasonic diffuser in less than 15 minutes; however, the olfactory power can depend on two important factors: on the one hand the load of essential oils deposited on the water bed, and on the other hand the “closed” or “open” character of the room (sensitivity to drafts, communications between rooms, etc…)


How much negative ion is produced by an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser ?


The average amount of negative ions produced by the ultrasonic system is 180,000 ions per cubic meter; this amount puts you in conditions that are close to those you can enjoy when you are in the high mountains, or in the immediate environment of a waterfall or stream.


What is the key to ensuring the maintenance and repair of your aromatherapy diffuser ?

The key is not provided with the ultrasonic diffusers. It has only one function: the replacement of the ultrasound production membrane when it is defective or even perforated. In these rare cases, we invite you to contact your retailer, who will have to order a replacement kit from Pranarom, including the key and the replacement membrane.

We remind you that your Pranarom diffuser is under warranty for 1 year with proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover breakage but technical problems. In case of technical problems, we invite you to contact your dealer who, according to his terms of after-sales service, will replace your diffuser or return it to Pranarom for repair or replacement, as part of the one-year warranty.


Can the ultrasound produced by ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers cause discomfort to our pets?


The human ear is able to perceive sounds up to a frequency of 20-25,000 hertz (or 20-25 kHz); our four-legged companions actually have higher hearing acuity than ours, and can perceive sounds with frequencies up to 60 or 70 kHz. On the basis of this difference, devices are developed (ultrasonic whistles, specialized electronic boxes,…) that produce an ultrasonic train in a range that oscillates between 20 and 50 kHz. Thus, the sharpest human ears still manage to perceive a slight whistle when they blow an ultrasonic whistle. On the other hand, our ultrasonic scattering devices emit ultrasound at a frequency of up to 20 MEGAhertz, (or 20 MHz), almost a thousand times higher than the detection threshold of our pets!

At such frequencies, there is really no danger that dogs, cats or guinea pigs will be audibly disturbed when placed in the environment near an ultrasonic diffuser!

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