Understanding the Natural Powers of Ravintsara Essential Oil

You already know that essential oils can provide many health benefits, especially the ones you’re missing out on by spending so much of your time indoors these days. Pure essential oil’s well known emotional, mental, and physical benefits are the reasons why they’ve become so popular to use in our homes and offices.

As the popularity of essential oils increases, most are familiar with, and probably already tried the popular Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, and even Eucalyptus oils. But let us share with you the natural powers of Ravintsara essential oil.

Where Does Ravintsara Come From?

Made from the tall camphor evergreen trees in Madagascar, Ravintsara is a powerful, all-natural essential oil. Ravintsara gets its name from the Malagasy’s Ravina “the leaf” and tsara “good”, which literally means “tree with good leaves,” or “leaf good for everything”. Fitting name, don’t you think?

The camphor trees that make Ravintsara essential oil are native to Asia, but many countries use them as ornamental trees in gardens and parks, providing beauty to the eyes and nose.

The camphor tree’s leaves are distilled to make the Ravintsara essential oil, which creates an aroma that’s described as a combination of camphor and eucalyptus, providing both uplifting and energizing properties.

Why Should You Use Ravintsara Essential Oil?

The Ravintsara is known to be a powerful antiviral and antibacterial essential oil. It is especially used to help relieve colds and coughs. It also fights off bronchitis and sinusitis. Plus, it provides excellent immune support during flu epidemics. It can be used to help prevent infection from colds and flu.

Ravintsara is also known to act like an antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and it helps drain the lymphatic system, as well as fight fat deposition. It’s been called a “must in your home pharmacy cabinet.”

One of our clients, Stephany R says, “In my family, it is our great resource for immune support, muscular aches, fatigue, nerve tonic and for any type of infection.”

But, don’t go overboard with Ravintsara, or any essential oil for that matter. If you use too much or if you use it too often, you can have a bad reaction no matter the quality. So, make sure to always follow the proper dosage guidelines.

How to Use Ravintsara Essential Oil

There are many ways to get the health benefits of Ravintsara essential oil. The best ways are by applying, inhaling, or diffusing it.

Apply Ravintsara Essential Oil

To apply Ravintsara, it’s recommended to dilute it with vegetable oil. Add 2-5 drops to 5 ml of neutral Pranarom vegetable carrier oil (like Apricot Kernel) and apply to affected areas up to 3 times a day. Even if you’re looking to boost your immune system, only apply it 3 times a day. Due to its strength and potency, please remember to apply diluted essential oils only!

Inhale Ravintsara Essential Oil

For more of an immediate boost, you can inhale Ravintsara essential oil. To inhale it safely, apply 1-6 drops of the undiluted essential oil to an inhaler stick, to a handkerchief or tissue and inhale occasionally up to 3 times per day. Remember, it’s for occasional and external use only.

Diffuse Ravintsara Essential Oil

To diffuse Ravintsara essential oil, add 1-6 drops of undiluted essential oil into an ultrasonic or atmospheric diffuser. If you’re looking to learn how to choose the best aromatherapy for you, then check out our article called The Art of Choosing Your Aromatherapy Diffuser.

Have a restful sleep by diffusing a combination of Ravintsara and Lavender. You can even create your own favorite blend by combining Ravintsara with essential oils like Copaiba, Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, Mandarin, Vetiver, or Wintergreen. That’s the beauty of essential oils, there are many ways to take advantage of their health benefits!

What Are the Natural Powers of Ravintsara Essential Oil?

Ravintsara is more than just an elegant and fresh-smelling essential oil, it’s also used as a medication that supports skin cleansing and clarification. The fresh and earthy smell of Ravintsara essential oil helps clear your brain fog, strengthen motivation, and helps you add a healthy glow to your skin.

Ravintsara is similar to Eucalyptus, but it’s a milder option. Its relaxing aroma is used to promote clear breathing by opening your airways. And it also helps calm your nerves and increase focus in stressful situations.


Why Our Essential Oils Are Different?

Pranarōm was founded in 1991 by Dominique Baudoux, a well-known Belgian pharmacist and aromatologist.

For 20 years, his team of scientists and trainers traveled the world to find the best aromatherapy products and share his expertise in this field. We are confident that chemotyped essential oils (CTEO) will be the finest assets of tomorrow’s health. Pranarōm is a world reference in aromatherapy. This is probably due to their constant desire to offer a rigorous approach to plants and their benefits on mankind.

Pranarōm has now turned into a market leader. This is definitely thanks to all those who discover and like our products for better health.

Try our world-class Ravintsara essential oil today.

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